Are you afraid of too much color? Well, now is the time to stop being afraid! Color can change EVERYTHING about a space, from the way it looks to the way you feel in it or to the way you work in it.

Paint is one of the easiest design changes you can make. Do you have this color in the back of your mind that you’ve been dreaming of using in your room? Is it bold, beautiful and does it have the ability to make you feel happy the moment you step in your bedroom?

Then DO IT! Go to a Porter Paints store on your way home and have them mix up the color of your dreams. Roll the color on your walls before you have a chance to change your mind. Just one roll and you’ll be in love. We know it’s going to be everything you dreamed of and more!

Now, let’s defeat some problems that may arise.

1. It doesn’t match anything in your room.

  • You’ve got to use color like you mean it, so find some pillows, accessories or even bedding that uses different shades of your new wall color.
  • Any color that you use in your room should be repeated at least twice, so that people know it’s there for a reason…you planned it!

2. It’s starting to scare you a little bit now that it’s on the wall.

  • Live with it for a week and then decide. It takes your eyes time to adjust, so never get rid of something in your design before you’ve had a chance to let it settle.


3. The ceiling is now overwhelmingly white and cheap looking against the bold wall color.

  • Just remember, paint and accessories are such an easy change. Stop living a boring beige life and have some fun with the colors you’ve been dreaming of using for years! Ceilings are so often overlooked. They are the perfect opportunity to take your room from “nice” to “wow, who is your designer?!”
  • Try painting the ceilings a lighter shade of your wall color, or have some fun!  Let’s say your walls are 513-5 Sharkskin by PPG Porter Paints. Now, paint your ceiling with 256-3 Aqua Whisper and then bring that color down by adding deeper aqua colors in your pillows and accessories. WOW! Now that will make your friends wonder where you suddenly got all of this design expertise!

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