As we get into the holidays, now is the perfect time to clean up and declutter for the New Year; and reap the benefits of having more space in your home and boosted

ID theft protection (by reduced risk). The Equifax Finance Blog has some tips that can help you declutter and clean up before we all get too wrapped up in the holidays in the new article ”

Tips for the Holiday Season: Decluttering and Donating.”

The experts at Equifax recommend you set some rules before you start cleaning and decluttering to keep jobs manageable and to contain any mess you create from cleaning:

· Define the boundaries. Are you going to declutter a whole room, a closet or a toy box? Whatever it may be, define exactly what you’re doing and stick to that plan so you don’t get sidetracked and leave a job half-done.

· See exactly what you have so you’ll know what to keep and what to get rid of. Lay out all the items you’re working through and put them into four piles: keep, toss, securely destroy and donate. This can help you quickly classify what needs to be kept, what needs to be removed or shredded to keep your ID and finance safe, and what can help someone else through charitable donation.

The full article has more hints about the best ways to organize your reclaimed space and how to make the most out of tax deductions with decluttering. Check it and more great tips from the experts at Equifax today!

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