Augusta new home paint colorsColor says a lot about someone’s personality, and just like we don’t all act the same, we don’t all same love the same colors. Taking your whole family into consideration when picking paint for your Augusta new home is important, which is why we’re offering a few easy ways for you to express yourself through color without overdoing it.

  • Neutrals: Love the crisp feeling of beige, brown, gray and ivory? Chances are you’re a practical person who isn’t interested in repainting your room every couple of years. One advantage to painting with neutrals is that you add easily add color to the space through accessories, fabrics  and artwork. Or, add texture by alternating dark and light neutral shades.
  • Soft, cool shades: When you think of nature, chances are you think of medium blues, greens and lavenders. These hues not only make a room feel tranquil, but they are also easy on the eye. However, overusing them can make a room feel chilly, so warm it up by balancing them with yellow, oranges and browns in your accessories and furniture.
  • Jewel tones: Make your room stand out by painting with amethyst, topaz, sapphire, ruby and emerald. These colors put off an outgoing, confident and creative vibe and are perfect for minimizing flaws as well as making a space feel intimate and glamorous. Keep the room from feeling chaotic by pairing jewel tones with neutral colors that offer the same level of intensity.
  • Soft, warm shades: Pink, peach, yellow and orange project a cheerful, welcoming mood in any space. They help make a room feel more intimate, while also stimulating and energizing. If these shades are too intense, cool them down with less saturated warm shades or cool gray and green furnishings.

Ready to choose the paint colors for your new home? Stop by the Keystone Homes Design Studio. Our experts on our hand waiting to help you match the color of your space to your living style and personality. Our design studio is also the perfect place to shop for lighting, flooring and cabinetry to further personalize your home. Call us today at 866-442-4460 to set up an appointment.

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