ID Theft protection and donationsIt is the time of giving, and many of us are planning our year-end charitable donations. With donating, it is important to research and choose charities carefully. From the percentage donated that actually reaches those in need to the kinds of

ID theft protection your donation is secured with, there are lots of things to consider when deciding where to make your charitable contributions. The Equifax Finance Blog explores these considerations in the new article, “

A Guide to Charitable Donations for the Holidays.”

When it comes to charities, you should start by identifying the causes that are most important to you – it’s more important to find the right one for you than to simply choose a big or well-recognized charity. Once you have found a cause to support (such as animal welfare, hunger, literacy, veterans support, etc.), it is easy to find and research organizations that support that cause. You can visit websites like and to see a charity’s rating on factors such as the how much money per dollar goes straight to the cause, the truthfulness of their materials and how well they keep donors protected.

Giving to specific charities can help you consolidate your gifts, give wisely and easily track donations for tax purposes. To learn more about how to live a healthier life financially, see the articles of the Equifax Finance Blog.

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