Some home builders are here one day and gone the next, at the mercy of markets. ChathamBilt Homes have been building homes in Atlanta for nearly 70 years, and on today’s All About Real Estate segment of Atlanta Real Estate Forum Radio, Myles Chatham talks with co-hosts Courtney Rogers and Todd Schnick about that legacy.

Chatham explains that after World War II, his grandfather Howard Chatham built a house for his wife in Buckhead, but before they could move in, someone asked to buy it. He agreed to sell it on the condition that the young couple could live in the basement while they built another house next door. This scenario played out three times before Chatham realized he was in the homebuilding business. According to his grandson, he quit his job, borrowed $500 and ChathamBilt Homes was born.

Howard’s son David joined his father’s business, and now Myles and his three brothers work with their dad to continue the Chatham legacy. “My brothers Gabe and Lance, and I started working in the family business right out of college, and we grew up building homes with our grandfather,” Chatham explains. “Building is in our blood.”

That family legacy carries over into how the family builds homes. “We think of ourselves as storytellers,” he says, “and we want to create luxurious moments” for other families. “We want to create a sense of arrival from the street, to the kitchen table to the kids’ bedside.” Though Chatham Homes do usually span an impressive amount of square footage, Chatham says they have always been interested in building a home around a family’s lifestyle.

While online tools and idea boards help today’s families dream about building a custom home, Chatham says that nothing beats a conversation that leads to a relationship.

Listen to today’s segment to learn more about building a custom home with Chatham or visit them online.


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