Kitchen and Bath Trends for Faucets and Showers

The International Builders Show has concluded and featured hundreds of exhibitors showcasing new trends and products. Kitchen and bath products were well represented with water saving technology and more convenient features for your home. Many innovations in shower heads were on display including Delta’s proprietary H2Okinetic Technology® which creates a warmer and more luxurious shower experience. The new technology produces a[...]

10 Things to Make your House More Valuable

Builder online just released the 10 things you must put in your new house for 2010. Considering we are all looking to up the value of our homes, they are all products that are relatively simple to install and will help efficiently update your home and increase the price when you are looking to sell.  By creating a high perceived value at a[...]

Repairing the Flood Damage in Your House

Flood damage accounts for huge monetary loss across the country every year. Floods are particularly devastating because there is little that can be done to safe guard your house beforehand. So what happens after the water recedes? Recovery and cleanup. Damage can range from some wet carpet and furniture to the house being left structurally unsound. Floods can undermine foundations and shift[...]

Atlanta Kitchen Installs Countertops at Verizon Amphitheater

Atlanta Kitchen, Inc. is continuing to establish themselves as the Southeast's premier provider of countertops. Most recently we talked about how the Golf Club of Georgia sought out Atlanta Kitchen to install Cambria countertops in their clubhouse, and now we are happy to report that Atlanta Kitchen, Inc. is also the official countertop of the Verizon Wireless Amphitheater. The company[...]

Insulation Options for Green Building and Remodeling

First, a few safety tips in regards to Green Remodeling: While the remodeling of existing older buildings to make them more energy efficient is certainly a necessity, it doesn’t come without its hazards. Remember, older homes and commercial buildings probably contain all sorts of toxins, most notably asbestos. The miracle of the 20th century building industry, touted for its amazing heat-[...]

Three Gold OBIES for Paces Construction

Atlanta remodeling company Paces Construction is the proud recipient of three Gold OBIE Awards this year. Three Gold awards is a tremendous feat for Paces Construction because the competition was steep this year for the remodeling categories. However, Paces Construction thoroughly impressed the panel of judges, who come to Atlanta from across the nation, and it is evident by the[...]