housing affordability

Executive Order Supports Housing Affordability

Breaking News! President Trump put housing at the forefront of the national debate today by signing an executive order focusing on tackling the housing affordability crisis impacting America today. As the economy has strengthened, demand for safe, affordable housing has skyrocketed, but the housing industry has not been able to  mean this needed supply. By signing this order President Trump[...]

MarketNsight Presents MarketWatch Atlanta

MarketNsight Presents MarketWatch Atlanta

MarketNsight recently hosted its biannual MarketWatch Atlanta event releasing data on the state of the Atlanta new home industry to a crowd of more than 400 home builders, developers, bankers, Realtors and others in the industry. MarketNsight and ViaSearch President John Hunt gave an overview of the Atlanta housing market and shared predictions for the remainder of the year. At the[...]

CEFGA: Building Opportunities for Georgia through Education, Training

CEFGA: Building Opportunities for Georgia through Education, Training

The construction worker shortage has been a major concern in 2019, but thanks to organizations like the Construction Education Foundation of Georgia (CEFGA), the need for quality construction skills training in Georgia is steadily being met with realistic solutions. CEFGA President and CEO Scott Shelar joins co-hosts Mandy Holm and Todd Schnick in the latest All About Real Estate segment[...]

atlanta townhomes

Townhome Popularity Increases to Fill Buyers’ Needs

North Square Sells Out and Parkside East Opens The popularity of townhomes has increased greatly over the past few years. Homebuyers are seeking communities where they can live, work and play. And, home builders have answered the need with stylish, well-designed Atlanta townhomes that are located right where buyers want to be. Marietta-based Traton Homes offers townhomes in locations exactly where buyers[...]

Bright Futures Atlanta Gives Real Life Direction to Atlanta Youth

Bright Futures Atlanta Gives Real Life Direction to Atlanta Youth

Every city, unfortunately, has impoverished areas with at-risk youth, but thanks to varying programs and nonprofits, those youth have an outlet and a way out. Bright Futures Atlanta Co-Founders Gail and Phillip Ross join this week’s Around Atlanta segment of Atlanta Real Estate Forum Radio to discuss the program’s many offerings with co-hosts, Carol Morgan and Todd Schnick. Primarily focused on[...]

MarketNsight Adds Custom Mapping to Its Toolbox

MarketNsight, a housing research and consulting company based in Atlanta, is excited to announce custom mapping is now available to its customers! MarketNsight’s toolbox of services provides builders, developers, Realtors and financial institutions the ability to perform savvy searches and make informed decisions on land purchases, product positioning and pricing. “No other service can provide you with the custom mapping tools[...]

Atlantic Properties

Darion Dunn Explains How Atlanta’s Transportation, Affordable Housing Go Hand-in-Hand

Housing and transportation costs are often the two largest expenditures for Atlanta residents. Unfortunately, for those who need affordable housing, it is often located outside of the urban core, driving up transportation costs and negating the savings on housing. On today’s special All About Real Estate episode, Darion Dunn, Managing Partner of Atlantica Properties joins us to discuss how transportation[...]

Dave Schmit

The Integral Group Transforms Piles of Rubble to a Thriving Business District in Doraville

Doraville, GA, once known as “the plant” is quickly becoming Atlanta’s version of Grand Central Station. Dave Schmit, Principal at Schmit and Associates and Strategic Partner with The Integral Group joins us on today’s All About Real Estate episode to discuss the redevelopment of the old General Motors factory site in Doraville and give inside details on what’s next. Schmit jokes[...]

MarketWatch Atlanta Correctly Predicts No Rate Hikes in 2019

MarketWatch Atlanta Correctly Predicts No Rate Hikes in 2019

At the most recent MarketWatch Atlanta in December 2018, John Hunt of MarketNsight and Dr. Rajeev Dhawan of the Georgia State University Economic Forecasting Center both shared insightful information regarding the state of the Atlanta new home industry – including the prediction that the Federal Reserve would not hike rates in 2019! Dr. Dhawan went against all conventional thinking to say[...]

Parkland Communities

Over 10K Lots Designed and Developed by Parkland Communities, More To Come

While demographics and economics are driving the housing market in metro Atlanta, in the back of every home builder’s mind is the troubling concern of how they can secure lots for future development. On today’s All About Real Estate episode, Founder of Parkland Communities, Jim Jacobi, joins us to talk about what makes the company successful, plus new communities coming[...]