HomeAid Helps a Decatur Make Homeless Facility Greener

HomeAid Atlanta, the official charity of the Greater Atlanta Home Builders Association, will soon begin an energy-efficient retrofit of a Decatur home. This project is the first for HomeAid America’s National Environmental Sustainability Program. Funded by a $600,000 grant from the Wal-Mart Foundation, the program aims to benefit existing facilities for the homeless by retrofitting and installing energy-efficient upgrades. The home to[...]

Seamless Glass Showers A Bathroom Must-Have

If you’re looking to update your Atlanta real estate with a more modern look, it’s “clear” the time is now! The current hot trend in bathroom design is glass showers. Modern homes are frequently incorporating glass into their design plans. Glass is clean, edgy, modern and luxurious, and its place in the bathroom has now been solidified. Whether it is a[...]

Study Shows 90 Percent of Homeowners Prefer Brick Siding

Brick homes have always been popular among homeowners. The appeal may have something to do with the third little pig who smartly built his home from brick instead of straw or sticks, preventing the big bad wolf from blowing it down. Maybe that fairy tale was so ingrained in the subconsciousness of America's youth that they forever associated brick with[...]

Are You Repairing Your Atlanta Real Estate to Move or Stay Put?

Is this another trend? The Equifax Personal Finance Blog recently reported that more Americans are making significant repairs to their homes. Quoting the ServiceMagic Q3 Home Remodeling and Repair Index, real estate expert Ilyce Glink reports that homeowners are focusing on expensive projects that are “necessary” rather than adding on and remodeling their homes. The article, “Best Time of the Year[...]

Tips for Decorating a Show Home During the Holidays

One of the most important things a homeowner can do to prepare for a successful Open House over the holiday season is decorate. Displaying universally appealing collections can be an attractive decorating technique. Grouping like objects together in one area and steer clear of overly ethnic and religious artifacts, which may not appeal to all buyers. Using a winter theme[...]

Singing in the Rain – or crying in it?

For many Atlanta homeowners, last year’s flood is still a nightmarish memory. Recent flooding in Nashville and Arkansas are reminders that rain waters can invade homes quickly. As we approach the season of summer thunderstorms, which often turn into outright downpours, it may be time to look around your home for potential trouble spots. Whether you’re in a new Atlanta home[...]

May is National Remodeling Month

Happy Remodeling Month! Yes, May is considered National Remodeling Month and to help celebrate, Atlanta Real Estate Forum will be publishing many remodeling-themed posts throughout the month. Whether you have been longing to completely re-do your kitchen, upgrade your siding, build a new deck or incorporate more green products in your home, now is the perfect time to get started. Not[...]