Study Shows 90 Percent of Homeowners Prefer Brick Siding

Brick homes have always been popular among homeowners. The appeal may have something to do with the third little pig who smartly built his home from brick instead of straw or sticks, preventing the big bad wolf from blowing it down. Maybe that fairy tale was so ingrained in the subconsciousness of America's youth that they forever associated brick with[...]

Are You Repairing Your Atlanta Real Estate to Move or Stay Put?

Is this another trend? The Equifax Personal Finance Blog recently reported that more Americans are making significant repairs to their homes. Quoting the ServiceMagic Q3 Home Remodeling and Repair Index, real estate expert Ilyce Glink reports that homeowners are focusing on expensive projects that are “necessary” rather than adding on and remodeling their homes. The article, “Best Time of the Year[...]

Tips for Decorating a Show Home During the Holidays

One of the most important things a homeowner can do to prepare for a successful Open House over the holiday season is decorate. Displaying universally appealing collections can be an attractive decorating technique. Grouping like objects together in one area and steer clear of overly ethnic and religious artifacts, which may not appeal to all buyers. Using a winter theme[...]

How to Prepare Your Home for Atlanta’s Cold Winter Months

With the winter season quickly approaching, Raymond Previto, environmental services director at Park Springs, the Southeast’s leading continuing care retirement community and Brian Thomas, director of operations management, sat down to answer questions about how to properly prepare your home for the Atlanta’s cold Winter months ahead. Q: What are some basic tips homeowners should know during cold winter months? A: Set[...]