Why You Probably Need a Bigger Down Payment for Your Atlanta New Home

Many homeowners who sell in the current market are making less on their home than they anticipated. When it’s time to buy the next home, they don’t have as much for a down payment as they would have liked – or maybe even as much as they need. While it seems unfair that lenders would start requiring larger down payments when[...]

Buying Atlanta Real Estate? Here's How to Impact Your Credit Score

If you’re contemplating buying a new Atlanta home, remember what all mortgage lenders are looking for in a relationship. It’s similar to what all of us want: someone well rounded and reliable with no skeletons in the closet. There’s no need to fill your shelves with self help books to get yourself ready for this relationship, though. Just go to the[...]

Check Your Credit Report Before You Buy That First Home

Sometimes renters shy away from purchasing their first home because the know they’ve made financial blunders in the past. Whether the blunder is as big as a bankruptcy or as simple as a late payment or anything in between, people often fear it will show up on their credit report and make their credit score plummet. Actually, the three nationwide credit[...]

FHA Leveling Playing Field

The FHA loan program is playing a vital role in the Atlanta real estate market today. Leveling the playing field, more low-to-middle income families are obtaining their dream homes through this government-backed program. How? The FHA guarantees the loan in the event a borrower defaults. Lenders are more likely to give out the loan with such a guarantee. In addition, these loans[...]