UnknownCarl Seville of Seville Consulting, Atlanta area based green builder, educator and consultant on sustainability to the resident construction industry, is featured on several online videos which are on Hanley Wood’s Remodeling TV website. In a series of three videos, Seville (pictured) and Michael Anschel, who are billed as “The Green Police”, discuss various products exhibited at the 2009 Green Building Expo. These videos include “The Green Police Investigate Water” where they share their product picks among faucets, toilets, and heat pump hot water heaters; “The Green Police Take on Surfaces”, where they review new products in wood walls, wall coverings, drywall, tile, and countertop/fireplace surround material; and The Green Police Open a Window”, a discussion of new window products and technology advances.

The Hanley Wood Remodeling TV videos can be viewed on the internet at www.sevilleconsulting.com/tv-radio.asp. Hanley Wood is a media company which focuses exclusively on North America’s residential and commercial construction industry. Anschel, who is from Minnesota, is the CEO of Verified Green, a green consulting and training company, and is also owner of an award-winning design/build company which focuses on older residential homes.

Seville is the owner of Seville Consulting in Decatur. After a 25-year career in the remodeling industry, he has dedicated himself in recent years to advancing residential green building and remodeling by consulting with, speaking to, writing for, and training industry professionals, and by certifying homes under the LEED, EarthCraft, National Green Building Program, and Energy Star Program. Through Seville Consulting, he offers his expertise to homeowners, contractors, and manufacturers throughout the country working from the company’s office in the metro Atlanta area. He has won more than 100 industry awards, including several of the top awards in green building, and he has held numerous leadership positions in the building and remodeling industries.

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