Host Todd Schnick and co-host Bryan Nonni are joined by Lynne Davis, the founder and president of Call-A-Key, on this All About Real Estate edition of the Atlanta Real Estate Forum radio show.

Call-A-Key is the 21st Century solution to touring locked new construction and vacant resales. It’s a free ticket to tour locked homes independently without being accompanied by an agent. “It’s like an open house on your own time table,” explained Davis.

As a Realtor for 18 years, Davis noticed, during the downturn, that interested home buyers were driving by homes, taking flyers but rarely calling her. When the buyers did finally call her, by the time she was able to drive down to the home, the buyers were gone. With numerous missed opportunities similar to this occurring, Davis felt that there had to be a better way.
After combining technology, Call-A-Key was born and Davis had a contract to sell foreclosure homes with Suntrust. After doing that for a while, Davis was able to move into the builder world and now is working with new construction homes.

Call-A-Key offers a product that modern-day home buyers really want and need. It provides easy access to homes when the buyer is ready to look. Often times, sales are lost because buyers are disappointed by the inability to tour a home on the day they drive by. With Call-A-Key, that problem is eliminated.

Here’s how it works: home buyers go to tour a home and notice the orange Call-A-Key sign out front. Once they dial the number for the Call-A-Key call center, they greeted by a friendly customer service representative; the only goal of the representative is to get the buyer into the home. A verification process is conducted to ensure the identity of the buyer. Next, the call center representative gives the buyer a four-digit code and buyers can punch that in and easily tour the home.

To hear more about Call-A-Key, press play on the podcast player at the top of this page. For more information about Call-A-Key, visit

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