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Kelly Allison, the southeast regional vice president at Caliber Home Loans Atlanta, talks about the amazing customer service Caliber Home Loans offers on the most recent segment of Mortgage Minutes.

Caliber Home Loans is a mortgage lender created by industry experts who understand the challenges of today’s home financing market. Everyone at Caliber Home Loans, Inc. is part of a customer-centric culture that concentrates on you.Unlike many banks, mortgages are all Caliber deals with. This gives them the opportunity to focus on what is most important, YOU.

Caliber Home Loans focuses on customer service and with the feedback they receive, it helps them improve all policies, systems, processes and much more within the business.

The number one goal they have is to provide consistent customer service, they want everyone of their clients to have an amazing experience.

Some of the wonderful comments they have received include; “the loan officer specifically made a potentially stressful location much easier than i ever thought  possible. Honestly, there was zero stress involved.” With this just being one of the many comments received, Caliber Home Loans continues to strive for greatness and outstanding customer service.

Caliber Home Loans offers a wide range of home loans and refinancing options. These include loans insured by the FHA, VA and USDA.  With their team having more than 50 years of combined mortgage experience, Caliber Home Loans is committed to excellence. For more information on Caliber Home Loans, visit the company website at www.CalliberHomeLoans.com or call 770-995-0348.

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