Caldwell-Cline Architects Celebrates 20 Years of Homebuilding in Atlanta

From the architect and design stage to the hands-on construction, so many hands play a part in building a new home. Roger Caldwell, principal with Caldwell-Cline Architects and Designers, joins co-hosts Carol Morgan and Todd Schnick for this week’s All About Real Estate segment of Atlanta Real Estate Forum Radio to discuss the group’s process and homebuilding in Atlanta.

Though according to Caldwell, the company’s main focus is building custom homes, Caldwell-Cline offers a variety of options within homebuilding including both commercial and residential projects. The art of custom homebuilding allows the Caldwell-Cline team to meet the needs of an individual homeowner with innovative solutions that utilize the entire lot space.

Caldwell-Cline also works with local and national home builders on townhome and single-family home designs. This fluctuation between custom and speculative new homes allows Caldwell-Cline to incorporate popular, most-desired custom home features as well as take into consideration the future marketability of the home if that is a concern to the homeowner.

The Caldwell-Cline team is involved from initial design and throughout the construction process including selection of materials and colors, thus permitting them full creative control to deliver a home that is designed to meet the needs of not only the client but the local market as well.

The same house that sells in Roswell would more-than-likely need adjustments to sell in Marietta such as the front elevation style and interior appointments. Home builders are having to innovate product to appeal to shifting audiences including millennials and Generation X.

“A huge portion of our custom market are people that are going from a 9,000-square-foot house down to a 4,000-square-foot house,” Caldwell said.

Homebuyers are willing to pay the price and sacrifice space if it puts them closer to where they want to be and/or eliminates daily hang-ups (maintaining a large yard or home).

Additionally, Caldwell-Cline also plays a part in constructing community town centers that encourage walkability and convenience for its residents. For example, Holly Springs is currently working to revitalize and create a town center space that residents will enjoy spending free time with plans for a public amphitheater and mixed-use space to include dining and retail selections below and residential spaces above.

To learn more about Caldwell-Cline Architects and Designers including philanthropic efforts with Habitat for Humanity and homebuilding in Atlanta, listen to the full interview above or click here.

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Kaplan Residential Delivering the First Prescient Building in Atlanta

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Kaplan Residential Delivering the First Prescient Building in Atlanta

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