In 2009, the current Federal administration increased the number of Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) Enforcement officers in the State of Georgia. The legislative blocks placed on residential construction were removed, thus introducing the same guidelines previously used only in commercial construction.

As a contractor, Mitchell Smith was aware that OSHA was now prevalent in the residential construction industry and that his construction firm needed to be in compliance. After months of failed researching, he realized that there were no definitive answers to becoming “OSHA compliant,” nor was there a firm that offered a training alternative.

Mitchell formed Pike Consulting Group as a one-stop service for the construction industry, and he was later joined by Gary DeGeorge Sr., giving Pike Consulting Group a combined 60 years of experience in the construction, business, health and safety industries. Their staff is comprised of professionals that are dedicated to helping members of the construction industry understand what their obligations are in accordance with OSHA regulations. Pike Consulting Group safety professionals understand the construction business, and they can provide you with current and precise information to evaluate your company’s requirements to safely operate within OSHA Standards and Regulations.

Pike Consulting Group is the best one stop safety management service for your company. They offer a digital comprehensive safety program that includes on-site initial safety training for your staff as required by OSHA. They also offer continued program management, where Pike will manage your new safety program for you, including all the necessary components and documentation needed to keep your company OSHA compliant and avoid costly fines.

In March 2013, OSHA restructured and increased their monetary citation levels, so that less than serious violations result in up to $7,000 in fines, serious violations are $7,000 or more, willful violations can cost your company $70,000 and egregious violations have no monetary fine limit and may even include prison time. OSHA citations are serious, and Pike Consulting Group can assist you in keeping your employees safe and your company profitable.

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