dina-gundersen.JPGI know that all of you are planning on attending the Southern Building Show this week and that I don’t need to convince you to register to attend, so, instead, I’m going to highlight one of the educational sessions that I think is a can’t-miss opportunity. On Wednesday, session #4 is a Builder-to-Builder Green Forum with Dina Gundersen (pictured above), the Director of Marketing at Monte Hewett Homes, as one of the featured panelists. She won’t be the only panelist giving you pointers and advice about the hot trend of building green and why you should invest in green building practices on new construction. In fact, Pam Sessions, Charles Ray and Peter Michelson are some of the other panelists you will see at this builder-to-builder forum. Being builder-to-builder means that this educational session will have builders who have actually been at the forefront of the green building movement as the panelists. What’s great about this factor is that someone who has actually been through the process of building green and has real experience with the labor, costs and advantages of building green will be educating you. You will be able to learn from builders like Monte Hewett Homes, who builds every home to EarthCraft and ENERGY Star standards. Many builders associate building green with extra work, extra costs and niche markets, but these are all mythis that are going to be set right at this green forum. This is the prime opportunity to learn “everything you always wanted to know about green building, but were afraid to ask.” So, since you are already going to be attending the Southern Building Show, plan to attend this Green Forum because you’ll learn so much from it, and building green may just be one of the things homebuilders have to do to survive the Atlanta real estate industry, so you’ll want to be prepared.

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