You are looking to build your own home, but you haven’t found a trusted home builder to make your plans a reality. Does this sound like you? When William and Juliane McCaleb started making plans to build their dream home, they had a budget that needed to be followed without any deviations. A lifelong friend introduced the McCalebs to Blake Shaw of Blake Shaw Homes, who in turn offered the couple the lowest bid to build the home without compromising the details and finishes that the couple desired. After nine months of work, Blake Shaw has nearly finished the couple’s home that will include four bedrooms and a basement. Shaw pays attention to little things that can reduce huge costs, such as having the McCalebs’ library bookcases painted on-site, resulting in a beautiful library room at an affordable price.

Another thing that Shaw stresses as a budget-conscious builder is creating luxury for less. Shaw sticks to choosing products that are of the best value and creating a look the homeowner wants. Shaw also says, “The relationships that a contractor builds with his or her vendors is crucial.” He believes in strengthening these relationships in order to communicate more effectively about ideas and negotiate good deals.

Shaw founded Blake Shaw Homes in 2004, building luxury Atlanta custom homes that had character of older designs in the Atlanta area. In 2007, he began doing renovations and remodeling of older homes to make them look like new without diminishing the original style.

Look no further for all of your building and restoration needs! To see more photos of Blake Shaw projects, visit the Web site.

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