Trilogy Investment Co. Launches Dedicated BTR OZ Fund with Pinnacle Partners

Trilogy Investment Company, a leader in build-to-rent (BTR) community development, and Pinnacle Partners, a renowned real estate investment firm, announce the launch of their dedicated BTR Opportunity Zone Fund (BTR OZ Fund). This groundbreaking initiative will channel significant investments into underserved areas, foster community development and offer attractive returns to investors.

The newly established fund will invest in three BTR communities located in strategically selected cities — Decatur, Ga. Augusta, Ga. and Huntsville, Ala. With nearly 500 homes planned across these projects, the fund represents one of the first of its kind in the sector, focusing solely on Opportunity Zones—areas identified as economically distressed. This initiative aims to rejuvenate these areas while offering substantial tax incentives to investors.

“We are thrilled to expand our partnership with Pinnacle Partners through this dedicated fund. Together, we meticulously selected these locations through rigorous underwriting processes to ensure impactful investment and meaningful community development,” said Jason Joseph, CEO of Trilogy Investment Company. “Our goal is not just to build homes, but to create communities that last and deliver sustained value to residents and investors.”

Pinnacle Partners brings its expertise in managing limited partnership (LP) and general partnership (GP) equity, raising the necessary funds, while Trilogy oversees project development and asset management. This collaboration has already resulted in the successful closure of two projects within Opportunity Zones, underscoring the potential of this focused approach.

Leo Backer, Managing Partner at Pinnacle Partners, commented, “Our decision to collaborate exclusively with Trilogy was based on their unrivaled expertise in the BTR sector. They embody the pinnacle of development, from land acquisition to property management, ensuring that every project aligns with our high standards for quality and investor satisfaction.”

The fund is poised to attract high-net-worth individuals, offering an alternative to traditional institutional investment channels. This approach democratizes investment in development projects and aligns with long-term investment strategies, reflecting the partners’ commitment to building lasting communities rather than pursuing short-term gains.

“We are immensely proud to launch this Opportunity Zone Fund alongside Trilogy Investment Company,” states Jeff Feinstein, Managing Partner at Pinnacle Partners. “This initiative highlights our commitment to transformative community development and aligns perfectly with our strategy to bring about substantial economic impact in areas that need it most.

“Our Pinnacle BTR OZ fund launch is crucial for our continued fundraising efforts and for building credibility within the investment management community,” added Joseph. “This fund underscores our commitment to innovative solutions in the BTR space, aiming to meet the needs of new renters and create dream communities across the Southeast, Texas, Arizona and Colorado.”

As Trilogy Investment Company and Pinnacle Partners forge ahead with this venture, they remain dedicated to transforming underserved areas into thriving communities, thus setting a new standard in Opportunity Zone investments.

About Trilogy Investment Company

Led by a team of investment, development, and construction professionals, Trilogy Investment Company provides Build-To-Rent communities for residents seeking the stability and social benefits of home ownership but rent by choice or have been priced out of the competitive housing market. Located in desirable neighborhoods near good schools and major economic drivers, these communities offer luxurious finishes and coveted amenities for like-minded families and young professionals desiring rental opportunities beyond traditional apartments. Created with targeted demographics in mind, these communities provide the flexibility of rentals with the stability, privacy, and social benefits of homeownership. To learn more about Trilogy Investment Company, visit and follow the company on LinkedIn.

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About Pinnacle Partners

Pinnacle Partners is an early mover and leader in Opportunity Zone (OZ) real estate investing. The firm and its subsidiaries have invested over $270 million of equity across 13 projects, consisting of approximately 2,000 multifamily units and two historic adaptive reuse office buildings. Pinnacle seeks best-in-class development partners in target markets across the U.S. with track records of delivering and operating successful projects. For more information, visit

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  1. I found a few things interesting about this article: 1. Where are the distressed areas. Are they vacant lots, abandoned homes or are current homeowners being pushed out in order to btr? 2. Who are the targeted demographics? And 3.the phrase “stability, privacy and social benefits of homeownership” but not economic? If you don’t own your home, are you really a homeowner? The amount of homes available for purchase at an affordable price is limited as it is. BTR is only adding (in my opinion) to the lack of home availability for purchase, and actually keeps renters as renters, not homeowners.

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