Late last year, the Georgia Transplant Foundation (GTF) received a check for $115,000 from the sale of a Brayson Homes Transplant House at the Victoria Highlands community in Gwinnett County.

Added to the $91,000 from another Brayson Transplant House sale earlier in 2006 at the Bramlett Station community in Gwinnett County, this brings Brayson Homes’ total GTF contributions from Transplant Houses to over $1.35 million.

Since 1996, Brayson Homes has constructed and sold at least one Transplant House each year, and the two homes sold in 2006 brought the total number of Brayson’s Transplant Houses to 14. Nine of the homes were built in Gwinnett County, where Brayson Homes has its headquarters.
DeKalb, Cherokee, Coweta, South Fulton and Spalding Counties have each been the location for one Brayson Transplant House.

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