Built before the Civil War in 1841, Boxwood Cottage recently became available on the Atlanta real estate market. Originally known as the Gann House, this historic home is the oldest property in Smyrna, and it was built by John Gann, Cobb County’s first state senator. According to Gann family legend, the home was used as Union Army headquarters and was spared during the Battle of Atlanta after a Yankee general saw a Mason flag outside of the house. Today, a Masonic symbol can still be found in the attic.



Boxwood Cottage is a 3-bed/3.5-bath historic home listed through Jill Huitron at Harry Norman, REALTORS®. The beautiful interior features many of the home’s original elements, including 12-foot ceilings, heart pine floors, walk-out windows and Victorian trims from the 1870s. Landscaped gardens encompass the yard with the back of the house opening into a personalized gated Charleston-style brick courtyard, reminiscent of the home’s history.



The home’s most recent owner, the late Irene Croft, has a history all her own. She began investing in house-flipping at age 27 in San Francisco, eventually moving back to Atlanta where she helped revitalize what is now Virginia-Highlands. In 2012, she purchased Boxwood Cottage for $412,000, sight unseen, after spotting it in an ad in a magazine of historic homes. With help from Copper Sky Renovations, she renovated the house from top to bottom in 2015, maintaining and honoring the home’s historic profile while updating the outdated décor with her style. Her unique personality can be spotted throughout in the stained-glass windows found at the front and side doors, the exterior paint of coral and green, and in the bright, Caribbean-colored kitchen. Because the house is a member of the Concord Covered Bridge Historic District, all exterior updates to the property must be approved by the Cobb County Historic Preservation Commission (HPC).


If you are interested in learning more about this historic property, the property’s listing can be found here and images are available here.

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