bowen family homesGoodbyes are often sad and this one leaves me with a heavy heart.  One of the top Atlanta home builders has closed its doors. We watched them build this company one home at a time for the past 41 years.

I had the pleasure of working with Bowen Family Homes for the past 11 years.  To David Bowen, Mike Phelps and Tip Cape, I’d like to  say thank you for the journey. Hugs to the sales and marketing team, especially my dear friend Kelly Fink.  From emails late at night to months planning the perfect Casino party, to figuring out what on Earth Penny should say today on Twitter, Kelly and I have shared special moments.  Did I mention Steve Palmer? Thanks for always being willing to work with tight media deadlines.

Most of all, I want to say thanks for bowing out with grace. The statement on your website shows you care. Instead of packing up, removing your website and leaving with no trace (which is good if you are on a Boy Scout campout), you chose to post a page on your website and Thank your customers.

Thank YOU Bowen Family Homes for the houses that your built that are now homes, for the jobs you created and for the inspiration to build something bigger than ourselves.

And a special note to Bowen Family Homes homeowners: For information on your warranty please review the packet you received at closing. Your warranty is still in place.

If you are considering purchasing existing Bowen Family Homes inventory, it will come with an Old Republic Warranty.

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