Day one of the Social Media Conference was very informative. Marilynn T. Mobley, Senior VP with Edelman presented an excellent session.  She encourages anyone thinking about launching a blog to think like a CEO and to review the following items:

  • Why do we need to do this?
  • What’s the real cost (launch & employee time)?
  • What’s the ROI – is it going to make us $$ of save us $$?
  • How will it affect our credibility?
  • Who is ultimately responsible for it?
  • What happens if we don’t do it?
  • What is the competition doing?

There are many answers to Why launch a blog.  Among them:

  • These conversations are going on anyway, why ignore them
  • To showcase your firm’s authenticity
  • Demonstrate a willingness to be transparent
  • Instant publishing on your own terms
  • No need to rely on mainstream media to disseminate messages

What’s the real Cost?

  • Technology costs are minimal — most blog software is free, for instance this blog is built in Word Press
  • Human resources to man the blog — this varies depending on how many people are posting & how often
  • Existing content can be repurposed from press releases, speeches, collateral and white papers

What is the ROI?

  • Biggest answer is the opportunity to listen to stakeholders
  • Opportunity to have conversation with others involved in a specific marketing niche
  • Improve visibility to mainstream media (several speakers commented today on how their blogs had attracted interviews from mainstream media)
  • Test product or service changes (again this was a major theme! Corporations can use blogs as mini focus groups)

Ok, I hope this gives everyone a bit of a taste for what we covered today.

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