Think neutral lovers can’t decorate for the holidays? Think again. Take a walk through my home, and you’ll find that most spaces and objects are in various whites, creams and browns. I find that these neutrals provide a very relaxing space. I love the look of wood grains in combination with a very industrial piece like the floor lamp shown in the corresponding photo. None of these items would show well without a great background color.
My favorite color for neutral spaces is PPG Porter Paint’s Derby Brown 525-6. It has the perfect blend of undertones to give this “brown” an incredibly rich feeling. Take a look at how it makes every item in this photo pop forward. Can you imagine these items with white walls? It would be a dull, washed out space.
The best part about neutral spaces is they allow statement pieces to really shine! During the holidays, blends of green ornaments in various textures and natural pine make this space feel natural yet bright. I try to stay as natural as possible, but that doesn’t mean dull. When you add a strand of intensely colored cranberries to the room, it pulls together a great look for the holidays.
Winter holidays aside, I look forward to every occasion in this space. Making simple changes to accessories and adding seasonal items such as white hydrangea blossoms in spring or green gourds in fall can give the room an entirely new look.

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