Most Atlanta metro area residents have probably noticed plenty of construction trucks and dirt movement as more and more homebuilders get back into the swing of things. Now that it’s finally a good time to buy again, there is still a looming question on many buyer’s minds: should I buy an Atlanta new home or resale property?

While you may think that the resale home down the street has great pricing, homebuyers need to consider all of their costs before purchasing. With a new home also comes new appliances, a new HVAC systems, a new roof, new heating furnaces and more, and even though your resale property may come with a warranty to cover some of these items, it probably doesn’t cover all of them. Your new home, however, will come equipped with new versions all of these items, and many also include a 2-10 Home Buyers Warranty that will comprehensively protect them.

Another important expense to consider is the cost of personalizing your home. If you move into a resale property, you’ll need to invest additional funding into fixing up or refinishing anything you may not care for. On the other hand, most new homebuilders offer design options and fantastic incentives to make them affordable.

With all of these new and personalized options, there is definitely great value in new construction!


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