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Bellareed Luxury Pools, one of the premier custom pool designer-builders in the Southeast, recently announced an expansion into Tennessee, with the Lone Star and Sunshine States coming soon. The company credits its success in Atlanta, GA, where new home construction is still booming. 

“Atlanta gave us our start, and the word of mouth generated over the past two years has been tremendous,” says Erez Inbal, VP of Field Operations. “As a result, we have created a referral program and now offer benefits for each pool that is built in newly-constructed homes, meaning the builder who goes with us for the pool gets a reward.” 

In addition to word of mouth, Bellareed credits its white glove service, which guides clients from design to construction and every step in between. Unlike most pool companies, Bellareed handles the entire process of building a new pool area in-house.  

Builders saw orders explode for so-called “pandemic pools” during 2020 and 2021 as Americans upgraded their homes into sanctuaries. Lately, however, homeowners and new home builders have confronted rising costs thanks to supply chain issues and overall inflationary pressures. Even so, the new construction market remains a bright and sweet spot for Bellareed, which offers custom design solutions at reasonable prices and financing available through Viking Capital — one of the first dedicated pool financing companies in the country.

“We are still making backyard dreams come true,” says Inbal. “Despite what you may read, we can deliver a spectacular pool and fire features, kitchens, and other outdoor luxuries much more quickly and easily than most people may think.” Inbal says, Bellareed takes credit for single-handedly disrupting the industry by being able to build pools in twelve weeks or less, while other custom pool builders may take up to or over a year. Pages of five-star reviews on the company’s website attest to its speed and service.

bellareed pools and spas poolTiming is important these days, with summers getting longer and hotter across the country. That dream backyard — whether a simple pool or a miniature water park — has become an essential selling point for homes. This is one reason Bellareed only sources the best materials from suppliers worldwide, including Pebble Tec. The company says that increased interest in pools has made consumers more sophisticated and knowledgeable about materials and their suppliers. 

Servicing the new home market in Atlanta, Bellareed has focused on reducing costs for builders and passing the savings on to homeowners. By controlling every aspect of the process, Bellareed says that it can not only build an affordable custom pool, but design it in the most cost-effective way possible. Other in-demand amenities include spas, lavish outdoor kitchens, decks and patios, decorative concrete, and fire features. Bellareed designs and constructs them all in weeks, rather than months or years.

“We are fast, but our design experts still take the time to create a pool and spa experience that is as beautiful as it is relaxing,” Inbal says. “Whether you bought on spec, are having your home custom built, or are in the process of remodeling it, our designs will become the focal point of your backyard. We consider everything — from a home’s style, decorative elements, functional elements, and more — with attention to each client’s budget. We can even build you a water slide.”

In other words, curb appeal may still be important these days, but the party in the back is where the action is. Over the last decade, Atlanta residents have learned that a custom pool is more than just a pool, and builders know that amenities like luxury outdoor kitchens and waterfalls can greatly increase the value of a home.

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