Get Schooled in Identity Theft ProtectionIf you have recently purchased real estate in Atlanta and have moved your family in to your new home, you are probably soon going to fill out school registration/enrollment paperwork. Completing the paperwork requires care to ensure that everything is accurate, but it also requires vigilance on your part to protect your child’s identity  when the school bus rolls up for the first day of school.

The experts at Equifax explain that sports and clubs both present big opportunities for identity theft to occur, especially since they frequently want as much information about your child as they can get. You should carefully weigh your options when it comes to this information, and be sure to ask questions about why certain personal information is needed. Many groups request full name, date of birth and social security numbers – all the information needed for someone to steal your child’s identity and ruin their

credit ratings.

To protect your family, be sure to ask and be careful about who you give personal information to. If you aren’t happy with the answers you find about the collection, storage and eventual destruction of personally identifiable information, don’t hesitate to keep that information safe. In addition, be sure to keep the documentation about your child’s identity safe, including Social Security cards, birth certificates or passports.

For more information about what to expect when signing your child up for extracurricular programs, see the new article ”

Tips to Help Prevent Child Identity Theft at Back-to-School Time” on the Equifax Finance Blog.

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