The weekend is isn’t over yet! Have you started your shopping list? Are you avidly scanning the paper to find out where the best sales are? We aren’t talking about the one day sale at Macy’s, we are talking about all out yard sale shopping. Maybe you need sports equipment, a baby stroller or a new bedroom suit? Chances are with enough preparation, you can find it this weekend.

Hopefully you saw our earlier post with advice for hosting a successful and profitable yard sale experience? Now we are sharing tips from Equifax Finance blogger Mechel Glass for how to be a savvy yard sale shopper. Her recent article, ”

4 Tips for Savvy Yard Sale Shopping,” offers ways to help you save money and get things you need (or want) at a fraction of the cost.

  • Make a Plan. Just like you plan your trip to the grocery store, you will need to plan your yard sale strategy.  Start by looking in the newspaper or  at to determine where you will go.  Your strategy may be based on the location (ie. Sales close to home) or based on who seems to have items you are looking for.
  • Be prepared. Just like the Boy Scouts, you need to be prepared. If you are looking for furniture, bring a truck, or make sure you have access to one. Sellers are not interested in holding an item for you while you figure out how to move it. Have cash, and carry smaller bills so you are prepared to make offers and conduct transactions quickly.

Glass has several more tips, so make sure to read her full article on the Equifax Finance Blog.  We hope you enjoy your bargain hunting this weekend. After you find a few treasures, please share your comments and suggestions for fellow yard sale shoppers here.

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