Are you going out to brave the retail madness of Black Friday? If so, we wish you the best of luck. Black Friday is one of the few days that can actually make a noticeable difference in the gridlock of Atlanta traffic. Those of you reading this post are probably doing so from the comfort of your home, far away from the angry shoppers at Walmart fighting over the last LCD television. Regardless of whether you prefer online outlets or brick and mortar stores, here are some things to avoid buying, courtesy of dealnews.

  • Top-brand TVs – Speaking of televisions, Black Friday may not be the best time to pull the trigger on that new 50-inch set. Even though many stores are advertising “doorbusters,” the brands on sale are more than likely non-household names. Patience can net you a brand name at a good price.
  • Jewelry – As you can imagine, this category is highly popular during the holidays.You know it, and the people who sell jewelry know it too. They also know that you’ve seen those commercials on television where the man presents his wife/girlfriend with diamonds and makes it a Christmas to remember. You know what they don’t show? The man who tells his significant other to wait until after the holidays when jewelry is cheaper. That guy is, presumably, sad and alone. While it may be hard to avoid shopping for jewelry now, doing so may save you a nice chunk of change.
  • Winter apparel – Many clothing stores are offering coupons during Black Friday. Dealnews suggests using those discounts on items that are already discounted (assuming the discounts stack.) If you’re looking for winter apparel, you’ll probably see better discounts in January.
  • Toys – Buying toys during Black Friday could cause buyer’s remorse, especially if you see the same product at a better deal two weeks before Christmas.

Dealnews has the full list of items to avoid on Black Friday. Of course, there are certainly exceptions to the list as stores sometimes have surprisingly good deals. The best thing you can do is bring your smartphone to the store and do a little price matching before buying.

Are you going out on Black Friday or staying inside? Let us know!

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