Redecorating your home? Decorating your new Atlanta home? Paint is exciting and people are often drawn to choose a paint color before any other finish in the room. I admit I’ve done it a time or two! Try it, though, and you’ll find that suddenly you’ve painted yourself right into the corner. If you really take the time to think about the design process up front, you’ll save yourself misery in the long run. Take a look at these steps to avoid the frustration:

  1. DESIGN your concept
  2. BUY your furnishings/flooring
  3. BUY your fabric
  4. CHOOSE your paint color

First things first: What do you want to do with your space? Is a total transformation calling your name, do you just want to change accessories and paint colors or something in between? Make sure you know what you can afford to change, and look to magazines or Pinterest for inspirational concepts.

Once you have your concept, start looking into furniture and finishes, such as flooring, that only offer a limited palette of options.

Following furnishings, check out the fabric stores. We are lucky to live in Atlanta, where design stores are plentiful! Personally, I love Forsyth Fabrics in West Mid Town and Boca Bargoons in Alpharetta. Both of those stores offer bountiful options as well as great pricing. When you make your fabric selection, make sure you cut samples to take with you.

Now, for the best part! You’ve limited your palette by choosing furniture, flooring, countertops and fabric. Take all of your samples to a PPG Porter Paints store near you to help you choose the best paint color. In the store, you’ll be greeted by more than 2,000 color options! This means that the fabric you just chose is certain to have a beautiful complementing color in paint.

Still need help narrowing down your color? Send me an email with your color questions at or check out tips on our website at

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