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    Whether you get solar to be environmentally conscious or you buy solar because you want more independence, you’re no longer the black sheep of the community. On today’s All About Real Estate episode, CEO and Founder of Creative Solar USA and Chair of Georgia Solar Energy Association, Russell Seifert joins us to talk about how common it’s becoming for homeowners to go solar and what considerations they should make before making the transition. He also discusses what’s in store for Creative Solar USA.

    Creative Solar USA was established in 2008 with a goal to penetrate the job market in a more diverse way in order to construct a more sustainable industry. At the time, solar was up-and-coming and Seifert felt it was the opportune time where solar would become more of a norm rather than an idea. Creative Solar USA is also the official installer of Solarize Atlanta, Georgia’s fifth Solarize program.

    With larger solar companies in Georgia, what makes Creative Solar USA different from the competition? Seifert says it’s because they are more of an organic-based organization that provided more of an educational service to consumers rather than focus entirely on sales. “We’re more personal and we focus a lot on residential because we touch more people,” he states. “What really sets us apart from the competition is our commitment to our clients, by using the best long-term products that are built to last. We listen to what our clients want and need.”

    Creative Solar USA’s broad focus is to optimize and maintain the quality of customer service they offer clients with the most up-to-date products and to strive to expand to larger areas in the southeast for both residential and commercial properties. Seifert’s advice for homeowners looking to go solar is to simply ask as many questions possible until they are comfortable with the information and they feel 100 percent informed. He also advises homeowners to shop around and look at prices. “It’s critical that homeowners know the ins-and-outs of solar,” he states. “Solar will increase the value of your home no matter what, but it depends on the energy you consume. You have to do your homework and talk to the people who know what they are doing.”

    For business owners, aside from several incentives, going solar is a way to control monthly expenses for the next 30-plus years. It is also a way to enhance your investment and business by standing out from the crowd and raising your business to the next level. During the interview, Seifert also discusses the EMC’s throughout Georgia that are more solar friendly. He describes Jackson EMC as a pivoting point with two solar community programs, plus they offer rebated for people with solar in their home.

    The biggest challenge is outreaching to the general consumer to allow them to see for themselves how solar is of much value today. This is where the Georgia Solar Energy Association comes into play with a mission to educate and advocate for solar energy by providing workshops, grassroots campaigns like Solarize programs and programs that expose the truth behind solar and how it can benefit the homeowner and the small business owner. Solar is a reliable long-term investment that allows our consumers to control their personal finances. In addition, it helps increase the value of their home should they ever decide to put it on the market.

    For tons of more information on going solar and to hear what’s in store for the next generation, tune into the podcast with the link above. Interested business owners and homeowners can also visit to learn more and to become involved in the solar movement.


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