David Chatham with Chatham Neighborhoods on Radio

David Chatham Remarks on Three Generations of Chatham Neighborhoods

President and CEO David Chatham with Chatham Neighborhoods joins the Atlanta Real Estate Forum Radio podcast to share the company’s 74 year history and current product offerings. Chatham joins host Carol Morgan on the Legends of Real Estate series and compares the post-pandemic market to the Great Recession. Growing up learning the business of Chathambilt Homes, Chatham recalls working for his father[...]

Homeowner Tax Tips

5 Tips to Make Tax Season a Breeze for Homeowners

While purchasing a home is a massive financial undertaking, there are a few tips homeowners can implement to make the most out of owning a home. Whether a veteran homebuyer or a brand-new homeowner, special tax deductions can lessen the financial burden of purchasing and maintaining a home. Make the most out of tax season by implementing these five essential tips: Organization[...]

ABI Celebrates Opening of Parkside

Parkside Provides 182 Affordable Housing Units on Atlanta BeltLine

Atlanta BeltLine, Inc. (ABI) alongside Prestwick Development Company celebrated the opening of Parkside on Atlanta’s Westside with a festive ribbon-cutting ceremony. The development allows ABI to exceed 50% of its affordable housing goal in Q2 of this year. “At the end of the day, it’s about the people,” ABI President and CEO Clyde Higgs said. “This brick and metal and wood that[...]

Westside Motor Lounge on Radio

Westside Motor Lounge: Atlanta Placemaking at Its Finest

Partner George Banks with STHRN Hospitality Co. joins the Atlanta Real Estate Forum Radio podcast to share the inspiration behind Westside Motor Lounge and the property’s history while touching on placemaking, amenities and more. Banks joins host Carol Morgan on the Around Atlanta segment. With a background in commercial real estate, Banks has been a developer in the metro Atlanta area for[...]

Traton Homes on Radio

Bill, Milburn Poston Remark on a 51-Year Building Legacy

Traton Homes Founders Bill and Milburn Poston join the Atlanta Real Estate Forum Radio podcast to discuss the company’s history as one of the oldest homebuilding companies in the metro area. The Poston Brothers join host Carol Morgan on the Legends of Real Estate series. In 1971, both Poston brothers were involved in the real estate industry, working for different real[...]

HomeAid Atlanta 21st Essentials Drive

HomeAid Atlanta Reports Record-Breaking Essentials Drive Success

The HomeAid Atlanta Essentials Drive collects essential baby items for families at risk for homelessness across the metro area. The record-breaking 21st annual drive lasted from April 1 through May 4, gathering over 242,130 diapers, baby wipes and more. The organization recognizes the need and challenges present for individuals and families attempting to secure basic needs in times of transition[...]

Eric Baker and Ellen Hill with MUST Ministries

MUST Ministries Celebrates 50 Years of Homeless Rehabilitation

Eric Baker with Keller Williams Realty and Ellen Hill with Atlanta Fine Homes joins the Atlanta Real Estate Forum Radio podcast to chat about MUST Ministries, how they got started as volunteers as well as the organization’s growth. Baker and Hill join host Carol Morgan on the Around Atlanta segment. Born and raised in Atlanta, Baker has been an active player in the real estate industry[...]