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You’ve heard of the most popular baby names of the year, but how do you measure the popularity of those names when the babies grow up? In home sales, of course! What were the names of the most dynamic home buyers in 2017? Dylan, apparently.

ATTOM Data Solutions collected data from over 4 million home sales in 2017 to reveal which generations are the most actively buying homes. They concluded this by comparing the collection of names with the years that those names were spiking in popularity. The most popular home buyer names of 2017 were Dylan, Chelsea, Austin, Alexandra and Taylor, all of which were popular baby names between 1992 and 1995.

The result of the ATTOM study “The 2017 Home Buyer Name Game” was that millennials seem to be on the rise as home buyers, while members of Generation X, the pre baby-boomer Silent Generation and the Greatest Generation are decreasing as buyers. In contrast with the most popular buyer names, Gerald (1939), Kristin (1970, 1976), Stanley (1916), Kurt (1966) and Jaime(1976) showed the greatest decrease in home sales.

The most popular names seemed to especially active in Colorado, Michigan, Texas, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Indiana, Wisconsin, Oregon and Kentucky. Other state’s active home buyers were named April, Stephanie, Jennifer, Lindsay, Laura, Caleb, John, Nathan, Jonathan, Jack, Luke, Susan, Cameron, Amy, Thomas, Charles, Matthew, Peter, Roger, Jessica, Margaret, Samantha, Robert, Brian, Emily, Omar, Sandra, and, interestingly enough, Roy. Georgia’s most popular home buyer name for 2017 was Anna, and Gregorys seemed to be drawn to Hawaii.

Some of the fastest-falling home buyers have names in common with the most active home buyers, like Roy, Jennifer, Thomas, Bryan (as opposed to Brian) and John. Many of these are named Linda, Todd, Cody, Mark, Marc, Melissa, Russell, Deal, Carol, Carolyn, Dean, Scott, Eric, Michael, Brent, Jeremy, Nicholas, Anthony, José, Kenneth, Jimmy, Gary, Jared, Craig, Erin, Kelly, Patricia, Jeff, Bruce, Lawrence, Catherine, Joshua, Michelle and William. Georgia’s most decreasingly likely buyers are named Terry.

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