ATTOM Data Solutions recently conducted analysis of 2017’s hottest home buyer names, and while nationwide home sales decreased by four percent in 2017 compared to 2016, home sales among certain surnames were both heating up and cooling down in 2017. Barnes was the most active last name in the Atlanta market! Did any of our readers notice that?

Home sales to home buyers with the last names Lin, Zhang, Wu, Liu and Huang increased at a rate of more than 20 percent. On the flip side, home sales to home buyers with the last names Burns, Porter, Jenkins and Cole decreased at a rate of 15 percent or more.

ATTOM Data Solutions curated buyer last names from over 2.3 million single-family home sales deeds across the United States in 2016 and 2017. To discover which surnames were increasing and decreasing the most in home sales, the data firm looked at percentage increase in home purchases between 2016 and 2017. Additionally, the analysis addressed family name origin, history and details from and in which local markets the surnames were the most active.

The top eight most active home buyer last names of 2017  were of Chinese origin and the ninth and tenth most active surnames were of Korean and Vietnamese origin, respectively. The top 24 home buyer surnames had at least 1,00 single-family home purchases in 2017 and a one percent increase in home sales compared to 2016.

The eight hottest home buyer names in 2017, organized by activity ranking and all from Chinese origin, include the following:

  • Lin
  • Zhang
  • Wu
  • Liu
  • Huang
  • Chen
  • Wang
  • Li

Other active home buyer names include the Korean surnames Yang and Kim, Vietnamese surnames Pham, Tran and Nguyen, Spanish and Portuguese surnames Silva, Chavez, Fernandez, Ramirez, Romero and Perez and English, German and Scandinavian surnames Woods, Hoffman, Russell, Larson and James.

Liu was the most active surname in Pennsylvania, Maryland and Washington. Other active names by state include Nguyen in Louisiana and Oregon, Anderson in Montana and Oklahoma, Ellis in Virginia and Illinois, Miller in New Mexico and Kansas, Davis in Kentucky and Arkansas and Walker in South Carolina and Alabama.

Additionally, metro areas had particularly active last names. For example, Li was the most active in Houston, Chicago and Dallas, Barnes was the most active in Atlanta, Castillo was the most active in D.C., Peterson was the most active in Los Angeles, Reyes was the most active in Miami and Yang was the most active in New York.

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