Metro Atlanta is the ninth largest metro in the United States in terms of population. Some of the reasons that the metro area continues to grow include corporate job growth, the growth of new businesses and affordable Atlanta real estate. In fact, Atlanta offers some of the absolutely best priced real estate nationwide. Earlier this year Atlanta was ranked as a Top City to Own a Home in a report from Deutsche Bank. It is much more affordable to own a home in the metro area than to pay rent. In some cases it is 50 percent less expensive to buy.

Business First estimates the metro Atlanta population at 5,375,761 as of July 1, 2011.

Business First has developed a computer program that projects the current populations of 942 metros and micros throughout the United States, based on an analysis of demographic trends since 2000. The estimates released earlier this month are the first to take into account the results of the 2010 federal census, which were made public earlier in the year.

New York City, with an estimated population of 18.97 million as of July 1, remains the most populous metropolitan area in America. It’s followed by Los Angeles (12.89 million), Chicago (9.51 million), Dallas-Fort Worth (6.53 million) and Houston (6.12 million).

Georgia’s metros and micros by population and ranking:

Atlanta — 5,375,761 (9)
Augusta — 566,348 (90)
Savannah — 355,185 (143)
Columbus — 297,248 (160)
Macon — 233,265 (192)
Athens — 195,312 (220)
Gainesville — 183,882 (229)
Albany — 156,836 (263)
Dalton — 144,705 (287)
Warner Robins –143,941 (290)
Valdosta — 142,593 (295)
Brunswick — 114,909 (354)
Rome — 96,731 (406)

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