When Lowe’s Commercial Services decided to do a story on “Surviving the Economic Shake Up” they had to call in some industry experts to lend their predictions and advice. Among these industry experts is Atlanta’s own Blake Shaw Homes. The Atlanta custom home builder and remodeler advises builders that skimping on cheaper materials is a big mistake. The market is hugely competitive right now, and you can’t afford to give consumers any reason not to pick you over the competition. He also recommends venturing into innovative marketing initiatives. For example, Blake Shaw Homes has developed a Web site full of photos for home shoppers to view. Being able to see your product inside and out helps them be able to visualize living in the home, plus sparks interest to see the home in person.

The fact that Lowe’s Commercial Services turned to Blake Shaw for his input on this article speaks volumes about his company. He has obviously made a very reputable name for himself as an expert in home building and remodeling. Great job Blake Shaw Homes! If you would like more specific details on ways to stay afloat in these hard times, be sure to read the article in full.

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