Created by the Atlanta Regional Commission, Lifelong Communities (LLC) is described as “A Regional Approach to Aging.” The project represents a desire to design places that meet the needs of residents young and old and to create communities where individuals can live for a lifetime. In order to provide a higher quality of life for all, three goals need to be met:

  1. Promote housing and transportation options – A variety of housing options must be available to meet a wide range of needs. These options should be affordable, accessible, convenient to services and available within existing communities. A LLC should have several options for alternative transportation with safe roads and safe drivers in order to accommodate individuals as they age.
  2. Encourage healthy lifestyles – LLC’s must be convenient to healthcare (basic and preventive) and should promote active lifestyles and social interaction.
  3. Expand information and access services – By strengthening and modernizing the current education and information network, LLC’s can meet the long-term care needs of older adults and caregivers.

According to the Atlanta Regional Commission, 1.2 million individuals over the age of 60 will be residing in Atlanta by 2030. And in a recent survey, 83 percent of the region’s active adult population (55+) said they plan to stay in their communities as long as possible. By providing the principles and design standards for Lifelong Communities, community planners, leaders, developers and citizens can create communities where individuals and families can thrive for decades.

To learn more about Lifelong Communities, visit the Atlanta Regional Commission website.


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