Welcome back to the insider’s edition of PPG Porter Paint’s color trends!

Artful Expression is our third trend and a very fun one at that! Solid, plain, boring and tired. These are all words that FAR from describe the bold trend we call “Artful Expression.”  It’s a blend of tradition, modernity and multi-culturalness. It gives people freedom to take looks from different cultures, periods or ethnicities, and merge them together to create a very worldly and eclectic look.

Vibrant mid-tones and amped brights from the full color spectrum work in powerful combinations. Hybrid hues of acidic yellow greens, petrol green-blues, red-infused orange shades and purpled-reds suggest a range of hues in constant flux.

As the name implies, the Artful Expression personality is a highly expressive individual who lives out loud and has deep emotional connections to pattern, color and art movements. We like to think of her as pattern-compulsive and color obsessed, but in truth, this character is using both to create a visual manifestation of the energy she feels in her body, mind and spirit.

Color can be bold in many trends, but in this one, bold color is applied in new ways. If you’re a fan of bright yellows such as PPG Porter Paint’s “Gold Buttercup 213-5,” try applying that color to the furniture or cabinets in your piece of Atlanta real estate instead of your walls!

Interested in painting your furniture or cabinets? Check out all of our products at www.porterpaints.com or talk to a representative in your local store. You can purchase much more than wall paint in a Porter Paints store!

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