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Atlanta Real Estate Forum Radio was recently honored with a Gold Hermes Creative Award for 2013 in the audio/podcast category.

Hermes Creative Awards is an international competition for creative professionals involved in the concept, writing and design of traditional and emerging media. The awards are administered by the Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals (AMCP), an international organization comprised of marketing, communication, advertising, public relations, digital; media production and freelance professionals.

In 2013, there were more than 5,600 entries from the United States and several other countries. Gold awards were presented to those entries that exceeded the high standards of the industry norm.

Show host, publisher of Atlanta Real Estate Forum, Carol Morgan says, “This highly regarded recognition from within our industry is a great honor. Over the past year-and-a-half, we have watched our radio show grow tremendously, and receiving awards such as this one only further fuels our desire to produce this invaluable resource for the Atlanta real estate market.”

Atlanta Real Estate Forum Radio is a weekly podcast focusing on Atlanta real estate news, information, trends, ideas and perspectives. Guests discuss wide-ranging, relevant topics including local real estate trends and updates, financing, strategies for buying and selling, hot new communities, specials, incentives and more. The show is designed to be of interest to both consumers and industry professionals.

Airing Fridays on Atlanta Real Estate Forum, each show is 30 minutes in length. The series is available at no charge 24/7 from iTunes at http://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/atlanta-real-estate-forum/id477116735. Fans of the show are encouraged to subscribe via iTunes and to rate the show.

For more information on Atlanta Real Estate Forum Radio, contact 770-383-3360.

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