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Today’s All About Real Estate guest on Atlanta Real Estate Forum Radio is Matt Hoots, the president and owner of SawHorse, a residential design-build company in Atlanta. As one of the premier design-build firms in Atlanta with roots dating back to the 1970s, SawHorse is a cutting-edge company that was one of the first construction firms in the city to offer in-house design services.

SawHorse was also the first residential remodeling firm to offer EarthCraft Renovations. In fact, SawHorse worked closely with SouthFace to come up with a program to modify the residential green building program to apply to retrofits and remodels, which essentially resulted in the creation of EarthCraft Renovations. Additionally, SawHorse was the first general contracter to be part of the ENERGY STAR program, and they worked locally with Georgia Power to launch its rebate program, known as EarthCents.

It’s clear to see from SawHorse’s record that the company is constantly looking for the next big thing in green building or design-build. In fact, during his interview, Hoots suggested they’ve already figured out what that next big thing is, but they’re not ready to go public with their guess just yet!

When you are ready to begin a remodeling project in your home, SawHorse wants to be the first company that you call. As a full-service design-build firm, they can manage and facilitate everything that is needed to complete the project, from architectural specifications to permit drawings and construction to interior design. With SawHorse, you don’t have to hire multiple specialists to get a job done – they handle it all!

One of SawHorses’ primary tasks when beginning a project is determining the budget a client has. Banks have tighter lending standards, and remodelers often have a finite number of dollars they’re working with to complete a project in their home. The SawHorse team takes great care to make sure that the design fits within the budget, and they have a very high success rate of completing their clients’ projects within the allotted budgets.

To learn more about the services offered by SawHorse, their commit to green building and what they see as current trends in residential remodeling, listen to the full podcast above and then visit www.SawHorse.net.


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