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Today’s Around Atlanta guests on Atlanta Real Estate Forum Radio are LaTasha Smith, director of communications, and Marcus Evans, development and membership associate, with the National Center for Civil and Human Rights. Located at Pemberton Place in downtown Atlanta, the center aims to connect the community to the civil rights legacy of Atlanta and the country, while also connecting people to the various ongoing human rights struggles that take place around the world.

The National Center for Civil and Human Rights provides an educational experience for visitors through technology, original artwork, original works and personal artifacts from Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., exhibits that highlight the civil rights movement in the 1950s and 1960s, including an interactive lunch counter, video footage and tablets that tell the stories of individual people directly involved with the movement. Through these exhibits, the center hopes to inspire and empower people in the community to continue to strive for equal civil and human rights.

Visitors to the center have the option to take either self-guided or docent-guided tours. However, LaTasha and Marcus recommend taking a self-guided tour, because the center is best enjoyed based on your personal experiences. Self-guided tours allow you to spend more time with each interactive section while targeting the experiences and exhibits that most appeal to you.

The center also hosts regular events that provide educational and inspiring messages. The next event, the International Day of the Girl, is being held on Oct. 11, 2014. Celebrating young women as leaders in the community, the event invites all young women, mothers and middle school- to high school-aged girls to attend.

Visitors can choose to join the center as a member or become a volunteer. Attendees can choose from various levels of membership that offer free entry, newsletters or North American Reciprocal Museum membership. Center attendees can also volunteer for everyday tasks including helping elderly around the museum, leading tours and more.

To close out the interview, LaTasha and Marcus were both asked to discuss their favorite exhibits in the center. LaTasha’s favorite part of the center is an exhibit highlighting the march on Washington, which showcases the diversity of the people fighting for justice, as well as the many freedom songs that were such a major part of the movement.

Marcus enjoys the unique way the human rights exhibit is laid out, which allows visitors enter the exhibit from either the offenders or defenders side. By choosing the offenders side, visitors can view human rights issues from the viewpoints of Stalin, Hitler and others, while entering through the defenders side allows visitors to see human rights from the perspective of Dr. King, Gandhi and Mother Teresa.

To learn more about the National Center for Civil and Human Rights, listen to the full podcast above. For more information on membership, contact Marcus Evans at mevans@civilandhumanrights.org. You can also connect with the National Center for Civil and Human Rights by visiting www.CivilandHumanRights.org, following the center on Twitter and Instagram at RightsCTR.


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