Atlanta Real Estate Forum Announces October Radio Lineup

Eva Rosenberg and David Ellis are our special New Year’s guests on AREF radio today.

Eva Rosenberg, known as Tax Mama is an enrolled agent. They are the best kept secret in the industry because they are IRS specialists. Eva blogs for the

Equifax Personal Finance Blog, so make sure to follow her there. She recommends the following two New Year’s Resolutions for homeowners:

Start keeping records. If  you have great records of home repairs, major improvements and warranties, you will save a ton of money on your home and maybe even when you sell your home. Your records need to be consistent. Consider using two large envelopes – one for master improvements on the house and the other for warranties and insurance.  Just dump stuff in them and only go look for something when you need it.

Budget and save money for yourself. Look to the future and plan for repairs that will need to be done in the future. You are the one responsible for the roof, the driveway, the exterior painting, cutting the landscaping back so that the roots don’t break up the foundation of your house. Start saving money now so that you have it when y9u need it in the future.

When looking at the real estate market and trying to determine whether to rent or buy. Of course when you rent, the landlord has to make all of the repairs. When you buy the burden of home repairs is on the buyer. Today with low, low interest rates it can be as cheap to own a home as to rent. In fact, with the tax breaks on home ownership it could definitely be less expensive to own.

If you buy and sell a house every two years, you can make tax free profit every two years. Click the podcast link above to listen to the full interview and get other tips from the Tax Mama.

If you are interested in finding out more about Eva Rosenberg, visit She will answer your questions for free in the Tax Forum.

Today’s Deal of the Day is from Lennar Atlanta.  They have just unveiled their Smart Campaign, and what could be a smarter reason to buy a home that up to a $10,000 buyer bonus? Buyers can use this bonus for closing costs, additional upgrades or even a discount off the price.

This Smart Campaign even applies to Lennar’s three new communities that open in January. Look for The Estate at Big Creek in Forsyth, Manchester Park at West Village in Cobb and Wexford in East Cobb.  For more information contact or call 404-931-7462.

Our next guest is David Ellis, Executive Officer of Greater Atlanta Home Builders Association. David is offering his top five housing market predictions for 2012.

1) Jobs will stabilize and job growth will return. In the housing market we often say that, “the houses we build are where Atlanta’s jobs go to sleep.”

2) A 20 – 30%  increase in new home sales. In 2011 we pulled 6,000 to 7,000 new home permits, so look for an increase in 2012.  We see a stabilization in the real estate market. We are down to a seven month inventory level in the existing home market, as it stabilizes it will help the new home market by helping move-up buyers be able to purchase.

3) More green homes. We are already seeing a progression in greening of homes, in 2011 600 of the 6,000 homes built were EarthCraft Homes. People want more energy efficient homes, they want to save money on utilities.

4) Smaller homes will continue to be a trend. Many younger buyers don’t want these expansive mansions that take up all their time and money. People are seeing their investment in their home a little differently. Homes will have more amenities including more electronics.

5) Mortgage rates will increase. Interest rates will increase from their historically low levels. We will see modest increases over 2012. Take advantage of low rates now if you are in the market for a new home.

For more information on the Greater Atlanta Home Builders Association visit their website at

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