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Welcome to this week’s Around Atlanta edition of Atlanta Real Estate Forum Radio featuring Dan Carroll, the media relations director of Dragon Con. Carroll began his career with Dragon Con as a volunteer, and was then selected as their spokesman in 2009.

The Dragon Con festival takes place every Labor Day weekend in Atlanta, and this year’s event is from Aug. 29 through Sept. 1, 2014. More than 62,000 people participate in 3,000 hours of programming during Dragon Con, and the event boasts the largest parade in metro Atlanta! In addition, Dragon Con features many celebrity guests, around 80 bands that play throughout the weekend and its own film festival.

If you’ve never been to Dragon Con before, trying to decide what to do throughout the four days of events can be overwhelming. Carroll suggests three options to try for your first visit:

  1. Go with friends who have been before and know what they’re doing; they will be your tour guide.
  2. Go for just one day and use it as a chance to find out what Dragon Con is and whether or not you want to come back for a full immersion experience next year.
  3. Volunteer at the event, which gives you plenty of opportunity to see all that is offered and time to enjoy it.

Some of Carroll’s favorite events that take place at Dragon Con include the large panel sessions with the starts from the shows that are being featured that year, the event’s how-to sessions and the Jedi sword fighting lessons for little kids. In addition, there are 33 different themed tracks that visitors can take part in, which feature everything from a space theme to a literature theme.

Other can’t-miss events that take place at Dragon Con every year are the masquerade, which is a combination talent show and costume contest, a burlesque revival show for those guests that are 18 and older, and a new National Puppetry Slam, which is a standup puppetry act competition.

Another major aspect of Dragon Con is the elaborate costumes that a majority of attendees wear. While it’s not a requirement to wear a costume to the event, many participants choose to dress up and be completely immersed in the experience. Some of the trends that are expected to be seen at this year’s event include X-Men and Lost Girl costumes, as well as women taking dresses and making them reflect the show or fandom they love in a pinup or 1950s style.

As the largest fan-run multi-genre event in the world, Dragon Con is a hit with its attendees every year. Dragon Con is one of the reasons that people love to call Atlanta home.  To learn more about the event, listen to the full podcast above and then be sure to visit www.DragonCon.org.


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