This week’s Marketing Minute segment on Atlanta Real Estate Forum Radio focuses on using Snapchat as a marketing tool. Co-hosts Carol Morgan and Todd Schnick are joined by Marketing RELEVANCE Account Coordinator Mandy Holm to chat about the growing social media platform.

    Many think of Snapchat as something used only by teenagers, but according to Morgan, more than 77 percent of Snapchat users are over the age of 18. Morgan also argues though, that the users that post most often on Snapchat, are more than likely younger than 18, due to that fact that many use the platform as their main source of communication with their friends.

    Snapchat is different from other social media outlets in nearly every way (until Instagram adopted a similar, expiring story feature). From the format that users add friends to the mixed used of geo-filters and facial lenses to make the photo or video unique, Snapchat was certainly a trailblazer in social media.

    The biggest frustration with using Snapchat as a marketing tool is the difficulty to track Return on Investment (ROI). Snapchat shows the user how many times a snap has been seen, who has seen it and how many times it was screenshot, but when it comes to logging and tracking those interactions, the user must do so manually before the snap expires 24 hours later, which is difficult to do. After the snap disappears, so do the results.

    From a marketing standpoint, Snapchat is an excellent way to promote engagement and interaction. For example, “Screenshot this discount code to use at any of our stores!” or “Screenshot this snap and we will send you a behind-the-scenes look at today’s event!” Cross-platform snaps are another new tactic: “Screenshot you sharing our most recent video on Facebook and we will snap you!” There is a sense of urgency on Snapchat that is not present anywhere else.

    Holm explains that many businesses have even adopted using Snapchat as a customer service tool. The face-to-face interaction allows for more candid conversation and makes customers feel like the business truly cares about them on a personal level. This type of interaction seems to be more effective than traditional ads.

    Another marketing tactic businesses utilize is geo-filters and lenses to promote an event, new product or promotion. The downside for small businesses? The larger the coverage area, the more costly the venture is, but this has definitely proven to be a successful way to spread the word. Even the average user can pay around $30 to create a geo-filter for a special event, such as a wedding, birthday or homecoming. Cost is based on location coverage and length of time available.

    Additionally, Snapchat has developed a way to recognize users that have built a significant Snapchat following, such as celebrities and large businesses. These users have an emoji symbol of their choosing beside their name/handle. For example, DJ Khaled has the “key” emoji, Kate Hudson has the “sun” emoji and Dane Cook has the “explosion” emoji.

    Listen to the above interview to learn more about using Snapchat as a marketing tool for your business. Contact Marketing RELEVANCE Account Coordinator Mandy Holm with any Snapchat-related questions at or 770-383-3360, ext. 28. Follow mRELEVANCE on Snapchat by searching “mrelevance” or by scanning the snapcode below:



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