Cleve GaddisCleve Gaddis was recently named partner of the Duluth RE/MAX Around Atlanta office. Gaddis, who became one of the managing brokers of the Gwinnett office last year, heads the eight-member Gaddis Team, which was ranked in the top 25 of RE/MAX of Georgia real estate teams in 2006.

    “After becoming managing broker in 2006, I took a larger roll in the day-to-day operations of the Duluth RE/MAX Around Atlanta office,” said Gaddis, who lives in Johns Creek. “My goals this year as partner are much the same as they were last year. I would like to the see the agents’ incomes increase across the board because that’s the true sign of a successful brokerage office.”

    Gaddis said he hopes to help continue to spread success throughout RE/MAX Around Atlanta. Last year, the Gaddis Team, which consists of five agents and three administrative staff members, sold 94 homes totaling $28 million in production.

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