Are you looking for a job? Then Atlanta is the place to be according to a new list from Glassdoor, a leading website for job listings around the country. Ranked No. 17, Atlanta’s total Glassdoor Job Score was listed as 3.5 out of 5.

To determine what cities made the 25 Best Cities for Jobs list, Glassdoor used its Job Score ranking. This ranking is comprised of hiring opportunity, or how easy it is to get a job, the city’s cost of living and the job satisfaction of the city’s current workforce.

According to the list, Atlanta has 69,642 job openings, with a total population of 5.6 million people. The median base salary in Atlanta is currently $49,180, while the median home value is $155,200. Overall, Atlanta’s current employees ranked their job satisfaction at 3.2 out of 5.

Raleigh, North Carolina was named the No. 1 city for jobs with a 4.1 Glassdoor Job Score. Rounding out the top five were Kansas City, Missouri; Oklahoma City, Oklahoma; Austin, Texas and Seattle, Washington.

What do all of the cities on the list have in common? They offer job seekers the opportunity to have a career doing something they enjoy with the opportunity to move up, own a home and be successful.

With a strong job market closely tied to a city’s real estate market strength, Atlanta’s high ranking on Glassdoor’s list bodes well for the continued growth of Atlanta’s real estate growth. For more information on Atlanta real estate, click here.

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