Halstead basement kitchenMost know the remarkable story of Tripp Halstead. Almost a year after his daycare injury where a fallen tree limb hit him in the head, Tripp has survived surgery after surgery. Along the way, his parents have been right by his side. Their strength and determination have impacted many throughout the country, including Construction Resources’ Atlanta Kitchen.

“Since hearing Tripp’s story last year, we have wanted to do something to help,” explained Mitch Hires, co-owner of Construction Resources.Halstead laundry room

Atlanta Kitchen was able to do just that when the non-profit, Sunshine on a Ranney Day, called them in to install countertops for rooms throughout the Halstead’s home. Recently purchased by the Halsteads, the home needed a lot of work to make it more accessible and comfortable for Tripp.

“Everyone really came together to do something good for this deserving family,” continued Hires. “They have worked so hard to come this far, and the last thing they needed to worry about was their home and its safety.”

Atlanta Kitchen replaced the old countertops in the basement kitchen with Black Pearl granite ones. Additionally, Caledonia granite countertops were installed in the laundry room.
Basement kitchen
The makeover reveal of the Halstead home took place on July 13, 2013. Along with enjoying a DJ, food and other special surprises, Atlanta Kitchen was able to see the family react to seeing their home for the first time since they purchased it.

“This moment was like none other,” stated Hires. “The Halsteads are truly an amazing and inspiring family, and we are so honored to have participated in this life changing event. We hope they will love their home for many years to come.”

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