The Providence GroupRecently, assembled a list of the ‘Top 100 Construction Sites on the Web,’ and we at the Atlanta Real Estate Forum are pleased that several of our Atlanta homebuilders made this national list.

Construction Management Degree is an online resource which compiles an up-to-date and unbiased database of articles, information and trends in the construction management industry for students considering this career path.

In the ‘Home Building’ category of the Top 100 List, websites were judged on their successful display of market range, available information for homebuyers and their overall business success. Those builders who were found to posses these qualities along with a useful and well planned websites that could easily satisfy customer needs, were then considered for this list.

The Atlanta builders topping this national list were as follows:

#13 The Providence Group Blog

#34 The Orchards Group Blog

#40 Azalea Homes Blog

#45 Stonecrest Homes Blog

Congratulations to all of the Atlanta builders who were recognized in this prestigious list!

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