As spring starts to descend on Atlanta, seasoned gardeners will be ditching their warm winter coats and taking up their spades and watering cans. But if you’re a novice who doesn’t know where to start, visit Atlanta Garden Connection and see how easy it is to “blossom” into a full-fledged expert. This website has great advice and information that will appeal to anyone with a green thumb.

As soon as you visit the homepage, you’ll be greeted by some April gardening tips to get you started. Scroll down and you’ll see lots of helpful articles on topics ranging from gardening within city limits to the best seeds for growing fresh salads.

The website also has several other sections with valuable information. Visitors will find a Monthly Gardening Tips section with tons of helpful advice. No matter when you decide to start gardening, you can find friendly pointers for every season. There is a calendar with gardening events in and around Atlanta where you can meet other enthusiasts and swap information and stories. If you’d like to see what the flower you’re about to plant will look like in full bloom, the website has a photo gallery with a variety of high-resolution photographs. And if you’re looking for ways to get rid of pesky insects or advice on what fertilizer to use, the Articles section is just the resource you need.

So if you’re interested in Atlanta gardening, whether it’s your tenth year or your first, you’ll find something that’s sure to improve your experience at Atlanta Garden Connection.

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