commuting published a report recently revealing that the average American will spend roughly 408 days of their life commuting. That’s a lot of time to spend stuck in traffic, going to and from work! And if that isn’t bad enough, they drilled down to figure out the cost of commuting per city for the average person working a full time job.  For Atlantans, the average cost is $182,886. UGH. They did the math for almost 100 major US cities, and found the average American will spend $108,727 on gas and vehicle maintenance costs associated with commuting, while driving 173,203 miles to and from work in their lifetime. That’s enough miles to drive around the world 7 times!

And, if that isn’t bad enough, the INRIX 2017 Global Traffic Scorecard shows that metro Atlanta commuters waste an average of 70 hours in rush hour congestion per year. This stat lands Atlanta at No. 8 on INRIX’s list of international cities with the worst traffic congestion. However, Los Angeles still leads with 102 hours stuck in rush hour, followed by Moscow (91) and New York (91). has a cool interactive map that allows you to look up the cost and total mileage you can expect to accumulate commuting in the city where you live.

Atlanta Ga Commuting Stats:

Average Lifetime Cost of Commuting: $182,886

Average Commute Round Trip: 26 Miles

Lifetime Distance Commuting: 288,000 Miles

Lifetime Cost (Sedan): $175,104

Lifetime Cost (Minivan): $188,064

Lifetime Cost (SUV): $222,624

Check out the interactive map here. It is really easy to use. If you want to see commute times in your area, simply click the pin icon on the upper-left corner of the map, and it will zoom into your city (assuming you aren’t using a VPN). You can also click the magnifying glass to search by city name if you don’t want to use your IP location.

From there, simply click on the nearest dot on the map and you’ll see data on that area’s average daily round-trip commute time in minutes as well as the total number of days you can expect to spend commuting over your career.

Mobile users will find the map tool displays better if you flip your device to display horizontally.

Ok Atlanta – Are you rethinking your commute yet?

At Denim Marketing, we have Work from Home Wednesdays and Work from Home Fridays to reduce the commute stress on our staff. What do you do to combat the Atlanta commute personally or for your company?

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