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The Atlanta Dogwood Festival, everyone’s favorite festival of the year, is celebrating its 87th year! The festival is scheduled for April 14 – 16, 2023, at Piedmont Park. Virtually every kind of art imaginable is represented at the festival, with a nationally renowned-juried Fine Artist Market that includes sculpture, paintings, pottery, jewelry, photography and much more. See hundreds of artists from around the country in one place!

Festival Hours:
Friday noon – 9 p.m.
Saturday 10 a.m. – 9 p.m.
Sunday 10 a.m. – 6 p.m.
Artist market closes at 7 pm on Friday & Saturday.

Sponsor booths, located throughout the festival, offer live radio remotes, great prizes and interactive games.

Music is an essential feature of the weekend’s festivities, and this year is no different! A wide array of diverse musical offerings — Americana, funk, party rock, blues and more — get you moving and grooving throughout the weekend! The full schedule of music and entertainment is available on the festival website. After all the moving around and shopping, you are sure to be hungry! Follow the delicious smells of funnel cakes (my favorite), gyros, crab cakes, onion rings, kettle corn and much, much more to find the perfect meal or snack!

There is something for virtually everyone to do at the Atlanta Dogwood Festival. Every kind of art imaginable is on display with a nationally renowned-juried Fine Artist Market that includes sculptures, paintings, pottery, photography and much more.  In addition to the fine arts for adults and collectors, a kid’s village featuring huge inflatables, arts and crafts and face painting, as well as the ever-popular 24-foot rock-climbing wall, is available.

Dogs are not allowed at large outdoor events like the Atlanta Dogwood Festival, according to a City of Atlanta ordinance.

For more information about this fun, family-filled event, visit

NOTE: Dogwood Saplings will be for sale.

As with most trees, spring is the best time to plant flowering dogwoods before tree growth starts when the air is cooler and the ground moist. The method for planting dogwood trees is, as well, the same as for most other trees. The planting hole should be at least three times the diameter of the root and just deep enough so that the root protrudes slightly from the surface to allow for settling. To work with compacted soil, try digging a deeper hole and then backfilling it to the necessary depth. Never plant the tree deeper than the exposed roots. Once the tree is seated in the hole, backfill using the original soil or a half-and-half mixture of soil and organic material. Once the tree has been planted, cover the soil surrounding the tree with a layer of organic mulch. Fertilizing is generally not necessary unless the soil is very nutrient-deprived.

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  1. Dogwood fest headline date on email is wrong, state Aug. 6,7,8, without clicking to read more correct date is not seen. Thanks for the info.

  2. Thank you so much for pointing this out Charlene! We will be sure to share the correct dates moving forward. We appreciate you!

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